The Women Living Well Conference August 10,2013

I’ve been reading the Women Living Well blog since late 2010 or early 2011 I’d say. I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled across it. I think I discovered it through another blog when it was linked up to it. I’ve gone through some pretty rough times in late 2011 and early 2012 starting with the discovery of my husband’s infidelity and then the kidney cancer diagnosis. Courtney’s blog has been a lifesaver to me. Her writings on faith really helped me get through this! The affair was by far the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life! 

So when Courtney announced on her blog in early 2013 that she was planning a conference at her home church in nearby Akron OH. I was SO excited!! Akron is about a 90 minute drive from where I live so of course I was going to be there. I’ve corresponded with Courtney back and forth on her blog and on Twitter. We are both huge Buckeye fans and our sons are about the same age and both play the same sports.  Tickets went on sale April 12 and I set a reminder on my iPhone as I didn’t want it to sell out!

I went alone to the conference. I left my house around 6am as the doors opened at 8:30 and seeing as how I don’t know the area and didn’t know about construction, I didn’t want to be late! I got to Maranatha Bible Church at 7:50 so I sat in my car and relaxed. I saw Courtney pull in to the parking lot and felt excited to see her! I walked in about 8:25 as I saw other women walking into the church. I handed over my ticket and got my nametag and gift bag, which included a lovely navy blue scarf. If you follow Courtney’s blog, you know that blue is her favorite color! lol I also made sure I wore something with blue in it and the blouse I chose ended up matching the decorations on the stage which are Good Morning Girls colors! lol

I like to be able to see so I sought out a table in the front of the room as there was a couch set on a stage and round tables for the attendees to sit in. I was one of the first ladies in so I got a table on the right hand side of the stage if you are on the stage. There I met a new friend, Faith. She blogs at She’s a fellow Steelers fan! She was lucky enough to win an advanced copy of Courtney’s upcoming book, Women Living Well!!

Karen Ehman opened the conference with a hilarious skit! About all the different hats women wear. I’ve never laughed so hard! This woman is a hoot! I brought my copy of her book, Let.It.Go for her to sign as I’d asked her on Twitter if she’d sign it for me. I didn’t know that each speaker would have copies of their books available for purchase. Karen is a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries team. I got a picture with Karen and shared that on my Instagram feed!(kaknurse)

Courtney opened the conference, spoke for 15 minutes then about 4 or 5 of the speakers joined her on the couch on stage for an open session where she would ask for their responses to questions about the topic on which the speaker just covered.

Also speaking were Angela who heads up and is Courtney’s real life BFF since high school,  Ruth Schwenk from, Darlene Schacht from, Clare from, Janelle from and Karen Ehman from She replaced Joy Forney who had to drop out due to ministry reasons as she and her husband are missionaries in the process of moving from Indonesia to Uganda. I feel that was God’s doing as for ME, Karen Ehman’s talk had the MOST impact on me that day! Not only is Karen funny but her message really packed a punch and was more pertintent to what I’m struggling with right now in my Christian Walk. Since the Good Morning Girls team was there, they asked those of us who participated to stay for a pic so here it is!

 I’m right underneath the 3rd khaki pouf from the left to the left of Courtney. Right under me in the 2nd row is Ms Faith and two people over is Karen Ehman! I got a great big hug from Whitney who is a GMG contributor, she’s right underneath the 2nd blue pouf from the left in the top row. To the right of her is Angela, the head of the Good Morning Girls. Image

The conference is going to be broadcast on WomenLivingWell.TV starting September 26th! An hour each week! I plan on taking my notebook and reviewing them as I’m sure I missed some gems from each speaker!  Also, if you are interested, the Good Morning Girls is starting enrollments for their Fall bible study! Head on over to The Study begins on September 2nd!!


2 thoughts on “The Women Living Well Conference August 10,2013

  1. Thanks for the shout out Kelly! Loved reading this post about the conference. 🙂 This was such a great picture! I can’t wait for the fall session to start of GMG. Yes, Karen Ehman was wonderful (all the speakers were!) I plan on listening to the broadcast as well and reviewing my notes (I took so many!) You’re going to love Courtney’s book. I haven’t finished it yet only because I pause to write down parts I love and am taking notes along the way. 🙂

    • I applied to be on the Launch Team for Courtney’s book so I hope I’m chosen. I just started this blog but I’ve blogged in the past and I’m always on Facebook, Twitter(which is how I mainly interact with Courtney), Instagram and Pinterest so maybe I’ll get to read her book too prior to Oct 1st! I have several e-readers, a Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD + and an iPad mini in addition to my iPhone so reading the PDF file of her book if I were to be chosen would be relatively easy for me to do! i’ve reviewed books online for other Christian authors. I reviewed Sheila Wray Gregoire’s The Good GIrls Guide to Great Sex on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iBooks 🙂

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