Weekend Thoughts

Renovations have begun on our kitchen. The contractor came in Saturday, tore out the carpeting and put down the Pergo like flooring! It already looks 1000% better! Well, in the process of moving the gas  stove in and out, the gas pipe connection broke and so it looks like tomorrow we’ll be needing to buy a new stove! The old one was about 30 or so years old!! Well past needing replaced! SO a new one it is!

I will also be going to the funeral home to pay my respects to my 1st cousin’s husband who died on Thursday(my birthday) due to a motorcycle accident. He was only 30. We attended their wedding back in 2008. Their youngest son is almost 3 and the baby is almost 7 months old. My cousin is an RN like me and was at work when the accident occurred. I cant even imagine how she is holding up. Sal was such a great guy and will be missed. 😦

Patrick played his first football game of the season! He played well! Had 3 QB sacks! They won 27-12! Today we went to get him a new pair of shoes for school! He wears a mans size 9 so they fit ME too! Also got him a new shirt to wear for the first day of school! Everything’s all ready for him to start 4th grade! Seems like just yesterday he was beginning kindergarten! WOW!!


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