A book review–Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph Part 1

Disclaimer-as part of the Launch Team, I received an advanced PDF copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

Now that’s out of the way, let me just say, wow! This book is amazing! I’ve never been part of a Launch team before so I was thrilled having been chosen! I’ve read Courtney’s blog for over two years now and it’s blessed my life in SO many ways! This book expounds upon topics covered in her blog. For those of you who read her blog regularly, you may recognize some of the stories in the book from her blog. For those who don’t, be prepared to laugh as she shares some nuggets of daily life in the Joseph household.

That’s what I love about Courtney. She is so transparent and not afraid to share of herself with her readers. She is JUST like us! She’s no different than you or me nor does she pretend to be! She give practical and prudent advice for how to fit in time with God into our daily routines! Courtney is a very busy woman too. She homeschools her two young children and runs her household full time in addition to her online ministry at WomenLivingWell.org.

Part 1 covers our Walk with the King or how to get with God on a regular basis mixed in with all our other responsibilities. I work full-time as an RN outside of my home IN ADDITION TO taking care of my family. This book applies to me as much as any other woman, whether you are a single girl, engaged girl, stay-at-home mom or are like me.

Courtney gives ideas on how to study your bible which is paramount in walking with the King. She mentions Good Morning Girls, which is an online bible study group that runs 8 week online bible studies FREE of charge. I got to meet these ladies at the WLW conference in August and got a great big hug from Whitney 🙂

Courtney also keeps a prayer journal to write things out. I used to do this, not necessarily a prayer journal, but I’d write down my hopes and dreams. I cringe when I go back to read those now. And there’s meditation. Got to get alone with God. Jesus needed solitude and so do we!!

In the next days, I’ll review part 2–Your Marriage so stay tuned!


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