Book Review—I Want God!

I was selected to be part of the Book Launch Team for the book, I Want God by Lisa Whittle. Now, I’d never heard of this author. One of the women I follow on Instagram, Melissa Emma, had a pre-release copy of this book and I saw her picture of it on Instagram and thought it sounded intriguing. Hmm…then I noticed that the Publisher was still taking applications for the Launch Team for this book. So I applied and was accepted! YAY!

What a life changing book! It has changed my outlook on wanting the things that the world wants and made me look at what Jesus wants. Which is to know Him. Knowing God is more than just going to church on Sundays. Lisa poured her heart and soul into this book! She truly did! She challenges the reader to delve into a more meaningful relationship with Christ. This book is only 176 pages long but the words in those pages are very powerful!

photo 2

Go here to purchase a copy of this amazing book!


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