Haven’t blogged in forever!

Life’s been busy..not that I have any followers anyway. 😉

Working, school for Patrick oh and working…that pretty much takes up my time. If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, I’m very active there…and on Insta.

I bought a ticket for the Jan 18th Performance of the Dancing With The Stars Tour. It’s coming to the Cleveland OH Hard Rock Rocksino!! I LOVE DWTS! My fave pro is Derek Hough…..I have met him. He is great. He was paired with Bethany Mota this past season. Bethany is on YouTube and that’s how she became famous, by posting videos after being bullied at school 😦 Anyway…Mark Ballas, Val Chmerikovskiy, Witney Carson and her partner Aflonso Ribiero, who won this past season. Emma Slater and KYM JOHNSON!!! Plus Sasha Farber!! and Keo Motsepe!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!

When I went to see Derek & Juliann in their Move Live on Tour show this past summer, I met two girls there. Felecia and Rachel. They are Christians, younger than me, like 22 or 23 but we share an admiration for Derek Hough…met them at the bar across the street from the theater where the show was held. Anyway, they live in Ohio too!!! SO I already have plans to meet up with them for the DWTS tour as they too bought their tickets!! YAY! I’ve been keeping in touch with them via Instagram 🙂 SO COOL!

I decided NOT to spring for Front Row VIP tickets for the DWTS Tour but DID get an aisle seat..you know, in case Mark Ballas dances by…I’ll grab him too and kiss him on the cheek, like I did with Derek & Jules! Mark did a FABULOUS JOB with Sadie Robertson this past season! I HOPE I get a chance to meet him too!


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