Nursing Wrecks You

Well, on my end, I’m looking at back surgery in the future. My L5 is almost completely bulged out of my spinal column. It’s causing pain on my left side, with sharp pains continuing down my left leg 😦 I’ve already had 3 epidural injections into my lower spine that helped some but not much. I’ve been put on Neurontin but that has caused me to gain 15 POUNDS with no changes in my eating habits. Lifting 500 pound patients on a regular basis at my last job probably exacerbated or actually caused my injury, so yeah, a nursing career can wreck you.

On the other hand, I love my job as an RN in a male adult correctional facility. It’s caused me to learn a few new things, which is always good. Hopefully when I do have surgery, it’ll help my pain. I’m in pain every day, not fun.


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