It’s Leap Day!

February 29th! Actually my best friend from high school was born on Feb 29th 1972! Which makes her almost 6 months OLDER than me! HA HA HA!! When you get to be 40-something, that’s a BIG deal! LOL

Got my nails done’s been a few months and how I miss that! It wasn’t as nice as the massage I got in January which was my Christmas present from my husband. THAT was heaven! 90 minutes of pure relaxation.

Still dealing with back pain. Fell at work in their parking lot a few weeks ago and that exacerbated my pain. Ugh! Going to see a new Pain Management Dr on March 18th. I am SO hoping for some new treatment modalities. Being in pain every day ALL THE TIME is NO fun!

Now, I’ve been participating in Katie Orr’s Everyday Love study via Instagram…one of my good FB/Insta friends is one of the featured accounts with this study! I’ve learned a few things while doing this study.

Still follow Women Living Well and her Good Morning Girl’s study. We Start the book of Mark on March 7th! Don’t forget She Reads Truth also!



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