Messy Beautiful Love! Pre-order now and get these great Freebies!!

I’ve been selected to be part of another Launch Team! This one I have personal experience with as the author of this new book, Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht, has dealt with infidelity in her marriage as well. Her husband chose to forgive her as I have chosen to forgive mine. When I saw last week that Darlene was taking submissions for members for her launch team of her new book, that’s due out September 16th, I knew I had to submit my application! I had the pleasure to listen to Darlene speak when I attended Courtney Joseph’s Women Living Well Conference last year! How I wish I had the courage to go up and introduce myself to her! I’ve followed her blog for several years now, having found it through Courtney.

You see, my husband had an affair. As God forgave us and forgives us for our sins so I forgave my husband. He was willing to work on our marriage and we are still working on our marriage as I write this.  Darlene’s husband showed her the same grace that God shows us when we accept him as our savior.

Darlene’s book is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble right now! If you pre-order the book, you are eligible for some amazing freebies!

Here is the link to Darlene’s post on her website, The Time-Warp Wife.